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Since the foundation of the company from Comm. Alfredo Battistella till today: the story of Battistella SpA began in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo, Province of Treviso, as an evolution of a workshop that started in 1930.

The technological innovations complement the experience and tradition of the land in the furniture industry and define the backbone of a company that can be transformed quickly into a real industry and invest in research gains of the first decade of activity.

The determination and the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the founder Comm. Alfredo Battistella characterize the next phase with the participation of the newborn Battistella Salone del Mobile in Milan, where the company began building its reputation and to prepare for the business challenges that will allow it to grow .

In 1963, the brand offers Battistella, first in Italy, a line of children’s rooms laminate and patented wing-shaped curve clad laminate.

The positive results are a stepping stone on the path of experimentation and with the introduction of PVC in the production of furniture, the company achieves success needed to consolidate its position in the landscape of the industry and the Italian furniture.

The transition to the second generation Battistella takes place in 1992, when the management of the company passed to his son Alfredo, Mario, who continues his father’s entrepreneurial activity leading the group towards the goals of the new millennium. A path where tradition meets the new, confirming a winning formula that fits perfectly well to the challenge of the latest home Battistella: NIDI, the collection of bedrooms for children that brings together design and game areas dedicated to small today.

An innovative approach that makes use of all the experience of an established brand like Battistella.